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The tools you need most often exposure, saturation, white balance, crop, rotate, etc Jonathan, Have you tried contacting Pentax customer support? I don't use the Pentax software that came with my cameras, but I assume that it only works with PEF files, and for that reason, I can't think why Pentax would deny anybody a copy of the software.

My impression is that the Pentax Photo Lab software is decent, and although I don't use it myself, I often recommend that people who have it, give it a try before spending money on something else. But if you're going to spend money later on, you will have lots of options.

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I use Adobe Lightroom mainly to organize and evaluate my photos. So I'm using both programs: LR for file management at which it's great and LightZone for editing at which it's great. Unfortunately this is not a cheap combination. Silkypix is another program that's reputed to be pretty good.

And Raw Shooter Essentials was available for a while as a free download and may still be. Here's one link you can try. Don't know if it supports PEF raw files or not. Raw Shooter Essentials was a hot program in , so innovative that Adobe bought the company Pixmantec and now the chief folks from the old RSE team are working on Lightroom.

But mainly to open it in the PPB.

File Extension .ptx & .pef Information

But I don't know how. If this is not appropriate for this forum, just let me know where there's a good forum to try. Microsoft is too difficult for me to navigate. And they don't seem to care about "Pentax" or anyone else. Photos: Gallery.

Right click on the JPG file. Choose open with. Choose the program for viewing. At the bottom there should be a box to check, says Click OK. This should set you up to open all JPG with the Pentax software. These users Like thazooo's post:. Posts: 6, I'm surprised you can even install it on Windows I use it with my K10D which shipped with the same software are yours. Some people have posted problems with DCU5 on Windows 10 but these seem infrequent.

The only way I can use the PPB is to create an icon on the desktop and go there just to see photos. Not an easy way. I prefer the simple click on xxxx. Most photos open in "Photos" because that's the Windows 10 choice. Paint brings up jpg, but that's not what I want. I can't get a decent software to open PPB.

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But that may not solve this problem. The main option in Windows 10 is their "Store". And that shows tons of software. But I want PPB. As for it being old, that's OK. The software I choose to edit individual pictures is older than that, and not designed for digital. But to un blur pictures, it works. Called "PhotoSudio". No longer available. I have the old, original ". LOL Thanks to all. There should be an option on the programs screen to look for other programs.

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Click that and search for the pentax software. If the pentax software isn't listed , it will allow you to look on C drive and you can find it there. Attached Images.

Pentax Photo/Video Recovery Archives - Mac Photo Recovery

PS Just looked at my W10 box. Looks like on w10 you choose another app and then click More Apps to locate pentax software on C drive.

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Thanks thazoo. It's like you said, a PITA. I never saw that in the drop down. Had to squint to see it below "more apps" and then look on C drive. What a PITA. But thanks. This subject is now closed. Originally posted by PennsyNut. I am the bearer of bad news. When I have a picture in Browser, and try to open it in Lab, it don't. Lab is a blank screen of "Preview" and a small ribbon of the main Lab page that is half hidden off the top and chopped off on the bottom, hence a little ribbon of nothing.

Digital Negative (DNG)

When I click on "help", there is nothing I can see that helps. If I try opening Lab all by itself, not using Browser at all, it does the same thing. Double click the downloaded file 3. The Installer will start, following to the installation display 4. When the installation will be completed and the massage is displayed, click [Finish]. Please download the Updater file on your PC first, and update it. Firmware in this document is the software that runs inside digital cameras. Changes to V1. Correspond to development in the RAW data camera when multiple exposing.

When built-in flash is used the luminescence control by the trailing-shutter-curtain sync was corrected. Wireless control of external flash through built-in flash.