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How Does a $1, PC Stack Up Against the $5, iMac Pro for Video Editing | 4K Shooters

I use Paragon. You can still use Pro Res on Windows if thats what you are given, but you cannot encode it. Not a huge issue as anyone with any mac could encode it and you could just give them a DNx file. Where I work I use DNx for everything and we only use pro res when a client requests it specifically. I would only buy a Mac if you prefer Mac.

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You will get a lot more bang for your buck if you decide to go with a PC. The Dell 55xx and 77xx are excellent 15 and 17" laptops that will handle premiere very well. FCPX just utilizes the hardware so much better, using Adobe you don't really get the perks out of the system in the same way. Now if you get an eGPU with native support coming soon you may be fine, that should add a ton of power for Adobe editing regardless.

Regardless Adobe seems to not be very optimized in general and could do much better no matter what system you use it on, this is a shortcoming on their part and not the laptop brand of choice. The MBP will have the better display brighter so great for outdoor use and is way better regarding to thermals not that they dont overheat, but since their ventilation systems are not on the bottom, you can place them pretty much anywhere.

I like windows, but after owning a higher end laptop and what comes with it short battery life, hot temps, etc etc I want to move to macOS, due to how smooth everything usually goes and it usually just works, on my windows laptop I cant just close the lid and open it later because probably everything went to the shitter.

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  5. Also, not sure on this BUT you could buy an eGPU somewhere down the road to use it as a power up when editing at home. Apple's trackpad is bliss, my laptop's one is utter trash. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

    How Does a $1,350 PC Stack Up Against the $5,000 iMac Pro for Video Editing

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    The Best Laptops for Editing - Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut!

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    Help in circumventing copy protection or other forms of content protection — That's piracy, and that's not allowed here. This would perpetuate the sacrifices I had been making with my current MacBook Pro, just possibly making them a little more tolerable. And all that for a premium, nearly twice the price of my current MacBook Pro.

    Sadly, Windows PCs were finally beginning to look like the best option. For a few months, as I continued editing on my MacBook Pro and began to see just how much I was sacrificing by using it, and how little evidence there was that Apple was actually going to deliver on upgrading performance over aesthetics, I crossed over from "just looking" to "ready to jump".

    So I jumped. Early on in my research, I discovered building a custom PC was going to be the best and most economical decision for me. There are some good pre-built options out there, but they're either designed for gaming and look like Lamborghini threw up its concept cars all over a computer store or designed for video production and priced at a premium. If I was going to make the switch, I wanted that computer to be worth it and I wanted the most bang for my buck.

    What We Are:

    Who wouldn't? So, I set out to build my own PC that was 1 cheaper than most or all of Apple's current options, and 2 faster at video editing and encoding than most or all of Apple's current options. Given those requirements, and after a few months of research and planning, the list below is the build that I ended up buying.

    If you would like more details and pricing on the actual parts, click here to see the complete product list. PC building has come a long way in the last 20 years. Everything is pretty much plug and play. Despite that, I had a fully functional system ordered and built within 24 hours. The process is very straightforward and there are great tutorial videos online from sites like NewEgg and Linus Tech Tips.

    PCPartPicker is your friend.

    Performance is important

    It has a great and easy to use interface that will walk you through the parts needed for a build. There are also parts lists from others so you can get an idea of cost and performance for certain parts. It will also tell you if there are any glaring compatibility issues with the parts you choose, which can save you a ton of time and stress. Local stores are useless and expensive for most PC parts. Even Fry's a very large electronics store with aisles full of PC parts only had a couple parts I wanted.

    They typically don't carry the newer stuff and most parts and accessories appeal more to gamers and hobbyists. Bye, Felicia. I got everything I needed from Amazon with Prime shipping. Windows 10 has been extremely solid, and dare I say, as solid as Mac OS. It installed in less than 10 minutes, which Mac OS has never come close to. Drivers were updated automatically in about an hour and I didn't have to do anything extra or manually install any drivers.

    I was worried about some graphics issues when I first got Windows 10 installed. The desktop wasn't sized correctly on my monitor and the task bar was cut off.

    Time to make the switch from Mac to PC for Premiere Pro editing?

    Stepping up to a 4K 60fps bit HEVC project, the results start to become a little more interesting. In addition, the PC — as with the last test — was able to render the project much faster than the iMac Pro. Interestingly, the speedier performance of the PC over the iMac Pro seems to be closely related with the thermals of each system. Both computers were able to complete the task in roughly five minutes, with the iMac Pro being able to finish the process slightly faster than the PC.

    Following the trend with the previous tests, the PC blows the iMac Pro out of the gate with lower render times and better thermal performance.