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Accept the terms and conditions and any other instructions that show up. At the point where you get to choose the disk to install OSX to, click the Customize button. Keep other settings unchanged and click OK to exit the customization menu and then choose your disk and click Install to begin installing. Once the installer has finished installing, reboot the workstation. If the workstation is set to boot from the first HDD by default, press F9 and choose to boot from the drive that the OSX has been installed to.

Use the down arrow key to scroll down the boot options and choose to boot in verbose mode.

Change Profile Picture on Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks

If everything goes fine, head to the next step. If your computer does not boot due to a kernel panic, force shutdown using the power button, boot up to the bootloader and choose to boot in single user mode. You will be dropped into a recovery command line prompt. After that type the following in order in the prompt:. The workstation will reboot. This time let it boot OSX in verbose mode again. Do not do anything and let the process continue in the background. Once you receive a notification saying that the installation has been completed, restart your computer and boot back into OSX.

Your computer will be running with all hardware working, including sound and graphics. After that we move on to the next step. Put the file on your Mac. Double click the downloaded. After the update completes, the workstation will be rebooted. To solve this problem, move on to the next section.

HP Scanjet 5590 Digital Flatbed Scanner series

This causes many problems including losing control of vital hardware like power management, audio, network, etc. However, there is a solution to this.

Setting up the workstation and BIOS

After downloading, unzip the file and double-click the. Accept the terms. Feel free to explore more. While setting up my new Hackintosh, I ran into problems with getting myself a working internet connection. My workstation resides in my study room while the wireless router Linksys X is present in the drawing room. I installed the drivers anyway but faced kernel panic every hour or so.

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I decided to uninstall the drivers. After researching a while, I came to know that the DWA runs on a Ralink RT chipset and also that many other wifi adapters use this chipset. This forum post on tonymacx The BearExtender wifi adapter also uses the same chipset as the DWA and hence, the driver and connectivity software works for the DWA too.

You can get the drivers from here. Mount the dmg, install the package and reboot. Plug the adapter in and voila! If you have a different workstation or computer, please choose your power management, chipset, audio and graphics kexts accordingly. The usual disclaimer follows.

Run OS X Mavericks on Your Laptop [HACKINTOSH]: 5 Steps

Hope you liked reading my guide. If you have any feedback related to this guide, do leave a comment below. If this guide has helped you, then do share this post with your friends and on your social network circles. Tags: Also an engineering college student with immense interest in science and technology. Other interests include literature, coin collecting, gardening and photography. Always wish to live life like there's no tomorrow. Great guide, i have a hp notebook s laptop which is running osx So, have you tried the BearExtender Original drivers that I had mentioned in the post?

They work with all Ralink cards as far as I know.

HP Photosmart 2575v driver downloads

I have a z as well. I can get to the installer screen, but disk utility does not show my internal HD. Any ideas how to overcome this? My BIOS offers different options. My config is a little bit different then yours, I have a nvidia quadro Does macpoison has the drivers for quadros? Once you finish installing the drivers will be autodetected and installed. I have a Ralink wireless adapter. So if i install bear extender software,will it give a kernal panic???

And also i have a IDT high definition audio driver. Please Help. AMD A8 M 8gb ddr3 ram ati readon dual draphics idt audio driver realtek ethernet driver ralink wifi adapter.

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When i do -v it runs a bunch of commands and then reboots the PC and i am back at the same spot. I also have a Z with the latest firmware. What am i doing wrong? I'm sticking to 9 over X still.

Niresh Mavericks

And the crashes occur at the strangest most offbeat situations, like randomly when i click the mouse, or just changing the grid from bar to time, completely random. It's almost as if it's related to graphics.

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  6. Anyone else have issues? Originally Posted by cl My Studio. Originally Posted by I haven't even tried my Duet v1 yet, can't wait to see what happens once that's plugged in, oh my. Perhaps Mavericks is taking up more RAM than its predecessor? Admittedly I only have 4GB, it's a late Macbook Pro, but things seemed to run much smoother before this upgrade. I'm bummed, lesson learned. Originally Posted by shanabit.

    Seriously, break down and put more RAM in your Macbook, youll thank me later. Also on Logic 9. If it's not crashing, then at some point in any given session things just freeze up. I'll try to instantiate a stock eq, or any plugin, or select a region in the arrange, etc, and there's a serious lag. The cursor doesn't respond to any move, sometimes up to a minute, where the track keeps playing in the background and I can't do anything but wait until it stops.

    I can close the session and re-open it and it will run smooth again but only for a short while. This si certainly good news. I'm still too afriad to take the leap to Logic X, and obviously haven't jumped to Mavs yet either. Originally Posted by unclerico I'll be taking the leap towards X in a few days, will post my findings. I'm also making the jump to mavericks and hoping to run logic 9.

    I'll post my headaches soon. I use the word "headaches" with confidence :- Update to my post: Upgraded to mavericks, wrote over the top of lion, no issues at all :- I have to say, if anything, my mac runs better! At least this gives me hope that it is possible to control the scanner. What exact version of OSX are you using? It seems not to be the latest version OSX Really great site, but since Twain is no longer supported in I have contacted janegil.

    Some comment on my post. Maybe if I get some spare time one day I can try to figure out what actually installs this file. I am trying to get an HP Scanner working with Mavericks. With the HP software it will scan, but when it saves the result is just a series of broad black lines.

    Has anyone had any luck at all with this? Hi, Many thanks for the interest. If you are still looking for the scanner drivers for MacOSX I have already tried the COL Just another thought : is the scanner connected directly onto your Mac, or is there an extremely long USB-cable or a USB-hub in-between maybe? If the preview-scan seems okay, but the final scan is corrupted, it might also have to do with the connection.

    He addressed the same TwainBridge. I must admit I missed some of the TwainBridge. It had always been accessible in Acrobat Pro. While TwainBridge. Chances of Apple going to change or update this in future versions of OSX Reporting bugs and alike to Apple seems to work only if a lot of people do that. The bugs that are reported most frequently are given the highest priority for Apple developers, so it is said…. Dear Mac Manus, I succesfully used Sane for my canon scan lide 20 for what I am very grateful, unfortunately i just upgraded to maverick Is there any solution to this situation?

    Best regards and thanks you very much for your help Victoria.