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This occurs when the view changes to the overview, so the error is not detected until the image is magnified again. A second problem occurs in the management of the saved images.

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I do not use Google photos to store the images and so local storage is the Apple photos camera roll. When I modify an image, the app requires that I replace the existing image if I want to keep it. It would be helpful to allow replacing or adding to the camera roll or just storing locally in the App. It would also be helpful to dump local storage directly to an album and then clear the storage without losing the images from the photos app.

Requires iOS 9. App Store Preview.

Fastest way to scan photos to your mac

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future. Mar 9, Version 1.

3 top photo-scanning apps

Size Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Price Free. License Agreement. Besides, how else can you use those pictures in projects you make on your Mac? You can mail your beloved mementos to a scanning service, but the fulfillment you get from doing it yourself and reliving all those memories is huge. While a giant scanning project can feel overwhelming, all you really need is patience, a scanner, and these essential scanning tips. How is this exciting?

Let us count the ways. Spray a lint-free cloth—not the glass! If you have a can of compressed air, give the glass a good spray between scans to eliminate dust. You can trash bad images later. Most scanning software includes a Preview and a Scan button. Scanning a single photo takes 1 to 2 minutes yet scanning several takes between minutes. To save time, group several photos onto the glass with a bit of space between them.

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Why does it take so long? Because the software also separates all the pictures into individual image files, straightens them, removes dust, and restores the color in each individual picture. The advantage of a film scanner is that you can get much higher-quality images than with flatbed slide adapters. The downside? You'll still need a separate flatbed scanner for photo prints and other documents.

After you've picked a scanner and have a box of old photos ready to scan, it's time to choose the scanner settings. Many scanners try to make life easier with a variety of modes that change the scanner's settings behind the scenes. You can think of these as similar to the "scene modes" on your point-and-shoot camera, intended to smartly take the photo for you depending on the kind of scene you are trying to shoot. Epson, for example, uses modes like Full Auto, Home, and Auto to simplify your scanner setup.

Auto is easiest, and the scanner will choose what it thinks is the best setting based on what it senses on the scanner bed.

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I'm not a big fan of this approach, though—it's anybody's guess what the scanner will do. That said, if you have Epson's software, you can click Customize and specify the default resolution that the scanner will use when scanning photos and film. If your scanner has a Home mode or something similar , then that is handy to use for general scanning. You can specify the kind of document you're scanning photo, black and white drawing, slide and even choose the resolution more on that later.

Finally, Epson's Professional mode is the full manual alternative. Here, you can dial in the resolution and output size, add color and exposure correction settings, and more. Which one is best? The intermediate Home mode provides most of the power you'll usually need, without overwhelming you with all the switches, dials, and gizmos of the Pro mode. Here's the operative question: At what resolution should you scan your photos?

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The short answer: Use the highest optical resolution that your scanner supports.