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It has enough tools to quickly tune photos, with a few fancy filters thrown in. It is fast and effective, but has limited metadata sorting and no automatic correction based on lens profiles. It has enough editing tools to improve the odd photo, but some of it can be a clumsy mix of destructive and non-destructive editing.

Free photo editing software: 12 of our favorites

The cheaper ACDSee 18 lacks some of the more advanced features but could be a good option for photo management. It is particularly good at editing a bunch of images at once. A Photoshop facsimile in the browser, the free Sumo Paint is an excellent quick photo editor.

PicMonkey is free, browser-based image editor with a solid feature set for simple photo touchups, adding text to images and adding frames. Images can be taken from a computer or various cloud services, including Dropbox and Flickr.

2. DaVinci Resolve

A paid-for upgrade removes the ads and gives access to more fonts and effects. Image manipulation tools are just a simple click and drag-a-slider away, but most tools have little in the way of guidance so beginners might struggle. Those looking for more powerful fill features will need to look elsewhere. A few advanced tools are available, but better options are out there. It has a good selection of tools, each with an easy-to-use sliding scale of effect.

Photoscape has a batch mode that lets you resize and rename photos with just a click. Thanks to its community-based development, it offers professional features that you only otherwise find in paid apps like Photoshop. GIMP is laid out like a professional editing tool and has a steep learning curve. But it has all the basic and professional features you would expect from a graphic design suite. Here's everything you need to know about editing photos in GIMP. Read More to learn the basics. Follow these beginner's tips to get them under control and improve your picture organization.

Read More and perform some basics edits to fix or enhance your personal photos, the built-in Photos app will be more than enough.

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The Photos app has a good auto-enhance tool, a crop tool, basic image editing, and filter support. Plus, it has a familiar user interface.

Take control of your images

Pixlr X runs smoothly on any modern web browser. You can crop, resize, add filters, and easily remove the background from any image. There are a couple of tools for adjusting the visual elements of the picture and you can add text and doodle over images. If you have a stock image, you can use Pixlr X to quickly create a poster or flyer as well. A fully-featured photo editing suite will help improve the quality of your work.

Lightroom is the default photo editor for professional photographers. Other than the stellar photo editing features, it also has a simple yet robust image organization feature. And this is why a lot of professionals stick with Lightroom. You can skim through thousands of RAW files, mark the important photos, move them to a different directory, edit them in a particular style, save that style as a preset, go back and apply it to other photos, and then finally export the images in multiple formats.

3 Free Photo Management and Editing Apps [For Mac]

Photoshop is a different kind of photo editor. Photoshop is designed specifically for image manipulation and enhancement.

Photoshop is famous for its advanced selection tools, complex layer system, and infinitely customizable brushes. You can use Lightroom to bring out all of the details from a RAW image file or to enhance an image aesthetically to fix colors and saturation levels. For example, PSD files Photoshop image files containing multiple layers can be opened and altered, making it incredibly useful as a converter.

A Histogram, which can be divided in red, green and blue channels, is also present and can be utilized to alter exposure and colour balance. The interface can be moved around, adapting to the available space on your monitor, making it perfect for the likes of smaller screen laptops and desktop computers. A clone tool, healing tool and perspective clone tool are also offered for more in-depth photo fixes, as is the ability to create and manipulate Alpha Channels and multiple layers.

Gimp is a excellent solution to those not wanting to pay for Photoshop, as the functionality is extremely close to the older Adobe program from a few generations ago. In use you may well find that manipulating layers can be sluggish, while the chaotic floating window layout can also be a bit confusing. System requirements: Download — PC and Mac additional software required.

Overall, while the organisation and photo management tools of Picasa are pretty good, the editing tools are a little basic. The editing side of things essentially boils down to a number of customizable filters, each of which comes with a few sliding controls to alter the severity of the effects. There are also a number of basic corrective settings, such as brightness and contrast, plus the ability to resize your image or save it in another file format.

Be warned though: even on a superfast fibre-optic broadband connection, the Creative Kit interface can be slow. The interface is relatively straightforward, with large buttons and simple icons for each function.

17 Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Unlike Gimp, Picasa is perfect for absolute beginners, as the program needs far less time spent fiddling with settings. More advanced users will probably find Picasa a bit simplistic and limited though. Much like Gimp, paint. NET is another old-school Photoshop clone that offers a fairly extensive array of image editing options.

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NET has since morphed into a fully-fledged image editor in its own right. NET website first and unfortunately for Mac users, Paint. NET is a Windows-only application. Once installed, the Paint. Navigation is, ifanything, a bit simpler than the full-fat version of Photoshop. In addition to all the usual healing, burning and cloning tools, Paint.