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Model A 2. Calgary Yesterday. I buy almost ALL iPads: We come to you! Call to get a free Quote: It only takes a minute! Late Mac Mini. Apple mac mini late Great condition mac mini i5 4gb ram. Dual boot with installed windows 7 ultimate. Mac Mini late Mint condition. Perfect Condition Apple Mac mini "Core i5" 2. Perfect condition, great starter computer to get the Apple interface without paying the Apple prices. The Apple Mac mini "Core i5" 2.

It does not have an internal Both have been factory formatted. It comes with the Mac Mini and the power cable. Some Specs: For pricing at bestbuy and specification: It will have to do for the life of the machine, so may as well max it out. The Mac mini is still an ideal digital hub and makes a great media Mac. I got one off a guy in craigslist and i have been very pleased with its performance.

I am sure if you toss a screen on it you could use it for light desktop work. The only truly limiting factor is the fact you can not upgrade the ram past the 4 gigs it comes with so keep that in mind when trolling around. I would not buy a new one i would however work at it and pick up a great copy used off eBay or CL.

Buying a Refurbished Mac? Here’s What You Need to Know

I hope that helps. I also had the issue of an iMac that bit the dust and wanted the server functionality with out the head. I am migrating to all laptops. I was platform agnostic when i was hunting for a server, however i had to have thunderbolt for my array and the mac mini was the perfect price and fit for that need. My suggestion is to buy the HDD version.

Later, if you want to upgrade it, buy a SSD elsewhere and install it yourself, it really makes a difference.

Some Used Macs Are Practically Refurbished

I was using an Airbook with an external monitor before that. I have an iMac at home. I love the Mac Mini and when the iMac dies I will get one at home. More at Reddit. Did you miss a post?

The Many Uses of an Apple Mac Mini

Check the Eye On Apple home page to get caught up with the latest news, discussions and rumors about Apple. Want to Join? Current Job Listings. Enter the Mac mini. It does one 4K stream reasonably well, but just choked with four camera feeds. Giant PowerPoints: I make big PowerPoint briefings containing lots of graphics, slides, and data.

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I need PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other apps open, along with a bunch of research resources. Big analysis documents: When I'm working on a big analysis, I often need a bunch of documents open. I used to have four screens on my iMac and even that wasn't quite enough screen real estate to see everything. I support a number of open source projects, one of which manages donations for more than 10 thousand non-profits.

With all the 3D printing and desktop fabrication projects I'm doing and documenting on ZDNet, I need to build some relatively complex 3D models. VM simulations: I used to do network simulations of up to 16 simultaneously-running VMs. I'm not doing quite as much work with this now, so I usually don't need more than four VMs open at once. Fortunately, running Parallels, I can cut and paste between both environments, which saves a ton of time.

With a lot of my bigger projects, I've been craving a wider screen. When the ultrawide monitors started appearing a few years ago , I was bummed to discover that my iMac wouldn't support them. Then, when I started doing multicam video either with four talking heads or lots of camera angles shot simultaneously it became clear the iMac had met its match.

Is Apple’s Mac mini worth buying?

For me, the best fit was a Mac rather than a Windows machine. The Mac would run Windows, and since I need to run applications on both, I couldn't just run out and buy or build any old Windows machine. That put me in wait-and-see mode for new Macs. As I discussed a few weeks ago, there were four scenarios for a new machine to meet my workload.

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A Hackintosh could have done it, but I just didn't want to go that route if I could help it. While I'm not uncomfortable with the technical hacks to set one up, I am uncomfortable with the ongoing fiddling required for maintaining them, especially during upgrades. When I have an assignment to work on, it's sometimes very time-sensitive and I need a machine I can rely on. Since I wanted an ultrawide monitor, the screens that come with an iMac or a MacBook Pro would have been more pain than gain.

The MacBook Pro screen is too small for desktop use, and the iMac screen is unwieldy and heavy for most standard monitor stands. I really wanted a headless computer, and since the Mac Pro is missing in action, that meant a Mac mini -- if Apple ever upgraded it. To almost everyone's surprise, they did.

And I bought one last week. It'll arrive on Wednesday. That's just silly. To be honest, I would have liked an even higher performing processor, but this will still be a huge boost. Early Geekbench scores put the Mac mini at for single core and for multi-core. In terms of single-core performance, that puts the Mac mini at just below the 4. In single-core performance, that's about 25 percent faster than my old iMac. Here's why Apple doesn't really care about the Mac or iPad.

In multicore performance, it still lags a bit behind the old Mac Pro 8-core Xeon processor, but not by much.

The new Mac mini also lags behind the 8-core Xeon iMac Pro, but that's five grand, just to start. Beyond the two hugely expensive pro machines, the new Mac mini with the processor I chose appears to be faster in multicore performance than all the other Macs. In single core performance, only one machine bests it. Next up is memory. I haven't pushed past about 24GB in any of my recent workloads. So, given a choice, I'd rather not spend on 64GB. My preference is usually to buy gear when my workload needs it. Fortunately, the new Mac mini allows for RAM upgrades.

While we don't consider the memory directly end-user accessible, service providers can access the internals of the Mac mini to upgrade the memory. I'm honestly not entirely sure what I'll encounter when the Mac arrives, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. Next is storage. Apple charges way too much on storage, but it's not internally upgradeable. Apple's internal storage is also seriously fast, since it relies on flash memory. Here, I needed to balance performance against price. I use an external direct-attached RAID array for my video production and assets, so I don't need a huge amount of on-system storage.